Saturday, February 12, 2011

Elegant Aged Black Dining Table and Chairs

Distressed black table with rich brown top. Warm amber tones pop through the black finish to give an aged elegant look. Dimensions 57” long 39” wide 29” tall. Also there are two 12” leafs. Chairs (4 regular and 2 captain) have been reupholstered with black and cream striped fabric.


  1. Love all the photos-really beautiful! Scanning thru your blog made me inspire more.

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  3. Great blog! I discovered your blog through your wife's. Great job on the restored pieces =]

    Gigi @ seminar tables

  4. i really like black furniture's. the dining table and chairs are gorgeous.

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  6. Hi Jake I am looking for a new dining set and love the ones you guys have restored. If you are redoing any more any time soon please let me know. I am looking for 6 chairs. I love this one and the cream one you did a while back. here is my email.
    Thanks a bunch and tell the wifey I said HI :)